School of AI Algiers

School of AI Algiers is a local community of Algerian developers, students and lovers of artificial intelligence who adhere to the core values of School of Ai around the world.

School of AI


Our Activities

School of AI Algiers offers its attendees and members a number of activities that works to provide good quality AI Education for everyone.


Throughout the year, We deliver AI workshops for intern members and extern attendees that aim to mix theoretical lessons to practice.


Our team of developers works on many interesting AI projects, from speech recognition to chatbots and NLP.

Bigger Events

Other than workshops we want to spread the AI spirit to High Schools with talks and demos. We also organize Hackathons & competitions.

Contributions & Participation

We don't stop just to our local community ! We go to other universities and collaborate with their clubs. We do participate in larger hackathons and expand our network and knowledge.


School of Ai Algiers is a great community which iā€™m really proud to be a part of , their hard work makes every one of their events almost perfect, and i'm patiently waiting for their new talks and challenges šŸ™‚

I'm honored to meet SchoolOfAi Algiers team, I've got an amazing day exchanging great ideas about Artificial Intelligence and how can we use it to solve real world, challenging problems, and I believe that I've met many motivated young data scientists eager to learn and full of energy that I've never met before.


Event 1 : Start your AI Journey
  • First Event at ESI
  • More than 80 attendees
  • Introduction to AI & Workshop about Data Exploration
Event 2: Neural Network Workshop
  • 2 Sessions
  • At the Co-working Space The Address
Event 3: Computer Vision & Deep Learning
  • Understand CNN concept
  • Build A VGG Model with PyTorch
  • Create a Pokedex !